I have no idea what this blog is going to be about. It was going to be my attempt at writing a story online, but that lasted for about a week (back in December), and then I never continued writing. I think it is fair to say the online story idea was a dud. Now this’ll just be… whatever, I suppose. I shall see as time goes on.

As is, I already have a blog for writing book reviews, and blog for writing my opinions on stuff, so I’m not sure what I’d write about. Maybe mundane things like my life or something.

-5/15/11 2:54am

Update: After taking a fiction writing class this semester, I’ve decided to use this blog as a place to put my reject short stories. That is, they’re stories I like, but not necessarily stories I currently have a desire to try to publish.

And now, for my first addition to the site: “Untitled” story


Update: I have thoughts about writing. I don’t feel like creating another blog to house them, so the thoughts are getting shoved here.